Maid Malaysia All Set to Lead the Industry

Maid Malaysia: The Fastest Growing Maid Agency in Malaysia

The maid services industry has been going through ups and downs recently with different types of challenges. The political dispute, the challenge from society and even conflicts between countries has made maintaining a steady pace along the way in the industry a difficult task.

This has caused some problem on satisfying demand in Malaysia, where the regulations became too many and too strict that it makes getting a maid from countries like Indonesia and the Philippines a real challenge. Like the salary issue that was raised by the Indonesian government previously, and many other backfiring responses from the Malaysian people has put a pressure on agencies to make ends meet.

One Maid Agency Figured it Out

Surprisingly, the situation is different for one maid agency based in Malaysia, Maid Malaysia. Run by a combination of industry seniors and tech-savvy people, they managed to cut through the tide to become one of the best performing agency so far. When interviewed by RB Grove and asked about how they managed to pull it off and become one of the leading agencies in Malaysia despite the difficult economic atmosphere and series of crisis that is currently affecting the nation and reported by the main media channels to be chasing investors away, their answer seems to be pretty straight forward. Not only that, it even seems funny that the solution was quite a simple one that none of the other agencies seemed to be stressing on.

Maid Malaysia | Best Maid Agency in Malaysia

The Maid Malaysia team explains that the essence of business lies in the ability of a company to fulfill the demand from the market with a supply. According to them, the key to success lies in the correct understanding that fulfilling demand isn’t the end of story. Before Maid Malaysia was set up, they have analyzed the industry and what was wrong with it. Upon research (to back their hypotheses with statistics) and asking around friends and family who have has the experience in dealing with maid agencies (to make sure that the numbers feel right), it is found that the biggest problem lies in bad customer service.

Clients Don’t Get What They Pay For

According to their finding, most people who are looking to hire a maid can afford it. The problem is just that they don’t get what they pay for. Say, for example, a client who had spent more RM10,000 just to cover the process of bringing a qualified maid to Malaysia only to discover that 3 months later, the maid ran away, and the agency acted like they have absolutely nothing to do with it would have thought it is unreasonable.

Turning Problems into Opportunities

Understanding that importance, Maid Malaysia began to equip itself with the kind of strength that has always been everyone else’s weakness, that is detailed profile background check. Referral, according to them, is not enough. The have a team deployed in each source country to actually visit the maid candidates and they are even required to undergo a series of tests.

Indeed, what Maid Malaysia did was amazing. They took the industry’s weakness and made it their own strength. It is no longer a surprise that Maid Malaysia will one day become the most prominent maid agency in Malaysia. If you are looking a maid service, feel free to check out