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Hafiz Dagata on More Juice Please!

Hafiz Dagata, “everyone loves juice”. Juice is very general where in this juicy world we can have several kind of juice from different types of fruits. Eventually, how do we want to make our juice that has high demand from the customer? If people who love apple of course they would like to have another cup of apple juice compare to pineapple juice. “I know this sounds so simple but it is the simplest analogy to show the concept of demand in marketing” he said. When we have the demand, it becomes easier to target the audience. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and marketers don’t appreciate it or don’t know how to handle demand.

Lets Create Digital Page!

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Probably you have the best coffee blend in town or the best wax’s service for car. People already know your brand and your service. Nowadays, with the evolution through smartphone’s technology everything become on hand. From Google’s data we can see that most of being used platform for engine searches is through smartphone not desktop anymore! In conjunction of mobile application and demanding through smartphone user the biggest social media company, Facebook also put move their focus business from desktop to mobile application. Now with one out of six people have Facebook account we can see that it the most reliable platform to catch the demand. People will search their needs and wants from Google and Facebook. Facebook page let you create your company portfolio for free and let you engage with user more effective. A complete profile like location, price, promotion news and etc let people find you well.

Email Marketing: SPAM or News

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“Like I mention before, people who love something doesn’t even bother to have their favorite’s juice everyday” hafiz dagata said. If you can catch and manage the demand with a good solution your business can boost like a SpaceX’s rocket. Marketers before this believe that to get bigger profits need to do marketing in mass audience. YOU ARE DEAD! That’s SPAM. When you email something to user that is not their favorite they will report it as SPAM. Once Google claims that you supply SPAM email, your organization is in big trouble. Meanwhile, if you do email marketing to the right user that agreed to subscribe your news or any related promotions people going to love it. People change so make sure to put unsubscribe function to let user unsubscribe it rather report it as SPAM.

As for this conclusion, build your own portfolio company in media social page or a website as they are the closest platform to user. Later, do email marketing strategy where supply any news or promotion voucher to your demanding customer. Hafiz Dagata claims that all of these will make a good looping for AIDA strategy. More on digital marketing facts on hafizdagata.com. He manages to help many new entrepreneur with a tight budget to be recognized in this digital world. When non business time, he always choose in reading regarding human behavior and having with his beloved family and friends.

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