Digital Marketing Trend 2018 by Blueninja


Welcome, 2018! Are you the-digital-marketing ninja prepared for it? Internet or digital marketing is the forever-evolving science world, where keeping up with the trends and updates is very crucial for the success of the business strategy. We Blueninja will briefly show you our predictions for the upcoming year for your preparation.

Blueninja Mobile

1.GOOGLE: Mobile-First Index

In the age of Mobilegeddon, Google is observing the rising number of mobile search inquiries since 2015 and Google announced that they really give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. Ask yourself: how often do you use your phone compared to PC? YES! Correct.

Is your website comply with the mobile algorithm? Check out the below checklist we have prepared for you:

a)Is your website mobile optimized?

Mobile optimization refers to the true responsive mobile web design while mobile friendly is about being able to view websites on mobile devices. In simple words, mobile responsive design means to automatically provide your audience with the content they want, within the context that they’re viewing it.

b)Fast speed page loading

On average 53% mobile visitors only waits for 3 seconds for a page to load before leave website. The recent studies have shown that page speed has a direct correlation with a number of conversions: where the page speed amendment by 3 seconds leads to 9% more conversions. Exciting, right? Time to optimize and get more conversions! Still having doubts about the critical role of speed?
Get your website fast enough to avoid visitor to bounce out by practicing the below:

  • Continuously check the page speed using various online tools. Benchmark your performance against top competitors.
  • Convert images from heavy formats, such as TIFF and BMP, to JPG, PNG, and GIF.
  • Remove unnecessary redirects that increases the loading twice.
  • Optimized your backend code

Blueninja Gen Z

2. Video era – Facebook & Youtube

2018 is the era of video, where the video will play on all the online platform mainly Facebook and Youtube. Most importantly, the ‘video’ trend should attract the attention of those businesses that target Generation Z, ‘true digital natives’. So, carefully look into your target audience. If your target audience is Generations Z, Youtube will be your BFF. Its audience consists of Zs by more than 30% creating for you a large pool of potential customers.


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Unfortunately, Youtube is not the only major player in the world that conquering the main video platform. Facebook. Facebook always win in the world of social media. So, you better get ready and pay more attention to Facebook.

Statistically, videos lead to 1,200% more shares than text and images combined on Facebook! Also, viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it in a video and only 10% retain it when they see it in the text. Thus, it is time to get some video content and consider to add it to your social media strategy and your overall digital marketing strategy! Like we always practice to put in our Blueninja Digital Marketing strategy.

Blueninja IG

3.Instagram Stories

Instagram has always been one of the top social media networks when it comes to social media marketing. With Instagram stories feature, a brand can establish deeper relationships with clients and spread brand awareness. Stories is a great tool for businesses to demonstrate their corporate culture, employees and how the creative process is going on

A product launch can be successfully introduced to your followers through the live feature, while events can be promoted through invitations and filming the event preparation and the event itself. Unleash your creativity!

If your business is keen on establishing a strong online presence, Instagram and its features are the tools that cannot be ignored!


To put in conclusion, are you all set for the predicted trend? Act now and get your business ready for all upcoming trends. Outline your business goals, define success factors, take into account our advice, plus ensure careful monitoring of results… and voilà! Don’t wait – act, and let us see your business prospering.